French White Oak Wood Flooring

Bois Chamois French White Oak

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Bois Chamois vintage hardwood flooring is distressed to provide a convincing, naturally worn appearance. Scarring and surface marking is produced without repetition. Edges are irregular and worn. Bois Chamois lets you step back in time while enjoying the benefits of today's precision milling and perfect tongue and groove fit.

Milled from French white oak, Bois Chamois is available in a popular 7" wide plank face size, also available in custom widths. Kiln dried for added dimensional stability and fumed to permeate a rich natural tone throughout the thickness of each profile, choose from four hand-crafted colors. Each is rubbed deep into the wood and finished with a light coat of wax to "set" color and prevent moisture absorption. Unfinished Natural French oak is also available. We now also offer our products in an engineered 7-ply birch format with 1/4" top wear layer. Our engineered product has the same look as our solid products to fit any installation needs.

Distressed French white oak. Solid 3/4" tongue and groove fit, square ends, unmatched. Face size: 7" shipped in 6' to 9' random lengths. Also available in un-distressed natural French oak. Face size: 10". Engineered formats also available with 1/4" top wear layer, 7 ply birch construction.

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French White Oak

French white oak is a beautifully toned wood that comes in a range of grains and finishes, in solid or engineered planks. We carry different colors and parquet patterns.

French white oak has closed knots and quite a lot of variety in its grain structure, which suits a country look home, whether it be in the French or the Spanish style.

Rift planks have a more even look, while fumed french white oak has been treated to accentuate the grain by darkening the tannins in the wood. You can custom finish the flooring, or choose a hardy polyurethane or smooth burnished oil finish for some types.  We stock rough lumber in this product to make any type of staircase, moldings, ceiling, or paneling.  If you imgine a design, we will make it.

This flooring can be glued, nailed, or floated. The engineered product comes with an 11-ply cross laminated Baltic birch construction which gives excellent stability. Has a generous 7/32" top-layer and can, therefore, be re-sanded several times. All boards are approximately 13/16" x 7" or 9 1/2". They come in lengths from 6' to 7'.or 8' to 9' depending on the width.

We are proud to carry new and reclaimed french white oak in a variety of finishes.  This can include fuming, blackening, and or flamed french oak.  Please contact us for any sampling needs you might have.


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