Marin Water Resistant Flooring

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Marin Maritime Wood is water resistant flooring. It is suitable for underfloor heating. It is ready to lay and is a hygienic surface that is warm to walk on. It is often used in bathrooms, living and wellness areas.

The main advantages of Marin Maritime Wood rests on Thermowood and PU joint technology. The Thermowood process heats hardwood for 24 to 90 hours at temperatures, which can reach up to 200°C. This changes the cellular structure so that uptake of water, and by extension the moisture content of the timber, is reduced. Expansion and contraction are reduced by up to 70%. Bacteria and fungi that break wood down lose their basic food because hemicellulose – a short-chain carbohydrate building block – is broken down. Thermal treatment has a secondary advantage;  the timber last considerably longer and has greater dimensional stability.

The boards are poured with a PU (polyurethane)-joint and these prominent black joints gives the floor a special “ship-deck-character”. Besides aesthetics, these pu-joints support the natural respiration of the wood thereby reducing swelling and shrinkage. It also improves resistance to moisture and wetness.  The pu-joints are resistant to weak acids and alkaloids  which means that they can be sanded down for future refinishing.

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