Reclaimed Wood Flooring - Douglas Fir

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Wood Flooring Los Angeles
Janka Hardness: (what's this?)
Country of Origin: USA
A light reddish-brown pine with prominent growth rings and a slightly lighter sapwood, Douglas Fir is predominantly straight grained, but often wavy or spiral. The texture is medium and uniform. Harvested in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, Douglas Fir is to this day a very important tree species, utilized for any application from structural timbers to furniture making. Original old growth Douglas Fir can have very tight growth rings. We reclaim large amounts of Douglas Fir from old factories and warehouses in the form of large beams and dimensional lumber. Douglas Fir was a very traditional floor in turn-of-the century mission style homes for the working and living quarters, with a more formal hardwood in the parlor and dining rooms, or ‘public’ areas of the home.

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